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New PinFolio Safe'N'Go Protector Pouches.

These pouches have been designed to give extra protection to your pins while still showing them off in all their glorious beauty!

Each pocket fits the GoPinPro Stick & Go pages perfectly allowing the pages to be kept in your Pro Show ready for trading.  Access to your pins is via the side zip lock.

We've all had moments when you're trading and you can't keep your eyes on all of your folders at the same time but with these Safe'N'Go pages that's one less worry to have.   

While keeping your pins safe from wandering hands, the pouches also protect your pins from damage and that one person who has just eaten a delicious donut before coming to look at your pins!

Available in packs of three or individually.

PinFolio Safe'N'Go Pouch

  • Brand: GoPinPro
  • Product Code: SAFENGO
  • Availability: 9986
  • £15.00

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